Voice Troubleshooting

• I cannot make or receive phone calls.

If you have no dial tone when you pick up the phone, make sure that the phone is connected both at the phone and at the jack on the wall.

If the phone is connected, but you still have no dial tone, check the other phones and make sure they have all been hung up. If one phone in the house is not hung up correctly, this can cause other phones to not work.

Make sure that the phone connection at the ONT is connected as well.

• There is static or a humming noise when I make phone calls.

This is most likely caused by an exposed wire somewhere in the house or the phone itself. Fiber optic is a purely digital signal, and does not produce static.

• Is voicemail available through i3 Broadband?

Yes, to set up voicemail routing you will need to call in to the office to have it added to your account for no charge!

• How do I access my voicemail through i3 Broadband?

If you have already set up your voice routing number, you can access your voicemail by calling (from your home phone) the digital routing number located on your bill. If you do not have your bill readily available, the number is also listed in your MyI3 account under the services section of your account info.

The first time you call the digital routing number, you will hear a prompt saying ‘the person at extension is not available.’ You must press the * key before this prompt finishes. After pressing the star key, you will then type in your personal password. We recommend it be 4 digits in length. You may also press 0 to change your opening greeting.

Any time after your initial setup, you will hear the greeting that you selected. Press the * key before this greeting ends and type in your password. You will then be at the main menu. Options will be read to you but they are as follows:

1: new messages  2: change folders  3: advanced options  0: mailbox options