Remote Troubleshooting

• My remote has not been programmed to my TV.

If you are trying to program your remote, please see our Remote Guide.

• Why does my remote not turn off my TV?

All entone remotes will work with all entone boxes, but in order for an entone remote to send commands to a TV it must be programmed for that specific TV. For example, a remote that is programmed for a Sony TV will not work properly with a Samsung TV.

• I am pressing buttons but nothing is happening.

When you press any button on the entone remote, at the top of the remote one of the buttons will flash. This flash indicates what mode your remote is in. For many commands, you must be in STB mode. If the STB light is not flashing, then you are not in STB mode. Press the STB button to change to STB mode. If no buttons are flashing at all, you may be in AUX mode or the batteries to the remote may need to be replaced.

• When I press buttons on my remote, it may work sometimes but not work others.

If you have a button that works sometimes but not others, that button may be going bad. You may have noticed that it takes more force to press certain buttons than it used to and the remote seems to be unresponsive. This usually means that either the batteries on the remote are going bad or it is time to replace the remote. You can replace old or worn-down remotes at any i3 Broadband retail location.

• When I press the power button, my TV turns off and my Set Top Box turns on.

If you have 1 device that is powered on, and a second device that is powered off, then your TV and Set Top Box have fallen out of sync with one another. There are many ways to fix this problem. You can press the power button on either the STB or the TV but not both. You can press the TV button on your entone remote followed by the power button, this will make sure that your remote only sends commands to your TV. After they are back in sync with each other, be sure to press the STB button on your remote.

• My remote is programmed but it still sometimes does not send commands.

The sensors on your TV and the Set Top Boxes are typically very small. You may need to be aiming your remote closer to the sensors on the receiving devices. Always make sure that there is nothing in front of the sensors on your devices. This includes decorations, pictures, or maybe even the TV itself. The sensor must be as visible as possible to receive the commands being sent to it. If you cannot see your sensor, neither can your remote control.

• When I press a button on my remote, it takes a long time for the cable box to react.

If there seems to be a delay in the commands being sent from your remote to your Set Top Box, this is usually not an issue with the remote itself but rather an issue with the STB receiving the command. If you have another entone remote in another room, try that remote at the problem location. If there still seems to be a delay with the commands, then there may be something wrong with the STB. Try unplugging the STB, waiting 10 seconds, and plugging it back in. If you are still experiencing delay after rebooting your STB, please call our office for further assistance.

• My remote is programmed but it will not turn off both the TV and the STB at the same time.

Depending on what style of remote you have, it may not have been programmed to send multiple commands with the push of a single button. If your remote has a DVD button near the top, it is style B. If there is no DVD button near the top, then it is style A.

If you have style A, and when you press the power button only the STB button lights up and the TV button does not, please do the following to program the remote: Press and hold the STB button until it stays bright. Once it is still bright, press the power button and then #1 button. This will program your remote to send two commands when pressing only 1 button.

If you have style B, make sure that you are holding down the power button for a few seconds. Unlike style A, style B’s power button must be held down for a few seconds to send multiple commands. If that still did not work, then please do the following: Press and hold the setup button in the top right-hand corner until you see a flash on the remote. Then press power, STB, TV in that order. Then press and hold the setup button again until you see a flash. This will program your remote to send multiple commands when you press and hold the power button.