Channel lineup | TV Everywhere

With Full Channel’s Digital Expanded TV, you get more channels for less money than with competing providers.  Enjoy dozens of your favorite networks including many not found on competitors entry level tiers.

Digital TV with on-screen i-Guide features:

  • See what’s on now and what’s coming up right on your TV screen.
  • Set programs to record on your optional Multi-Room DVR.
  • Search/A-Z Title Search: Easily search listings with a new on-screen keyboard, and save your searches for future use.
  • Parental Controls: Newly designed Parental Controls Set-up Menu makes it easier to use and now includes TV Content Advisory Ratings which enables ability to block programs based on the level of violence, language, sexual situations and suggestive dialogue.
  • Descriptive Video Service: Allows visually impaired users to hear a description of what is being shown on-screen.

Full Channel Digital Expanded TV includes access to Full Channel TV Everywhere, a service which allows you to watch your favorite TV shows on your smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC. Learn more about TV Everywhere and signup today!