Normally, troubleshooting visits by a Full Channel technician are billed up to $75/half-hour if the problem is inside the home and not due to a failure of Full Channel’s network or equipment.

For just $4.99/month our Service Assurance Plan lets you rest easy knowing that Full Channel has your inside wiring covered as well. With the plan, we’ll send a technician to your home at no charge for any of the following reasons:

  • Repair and replacement of wire from the Demarcation Point1 to the video receiver, modem or telephone jack
  • Replacement of wiring, fittings, splitters, amplifiers2 and outlets installed or in existence at time of installation
  • Customer education as it relates to Full Channel services and equipment3
  • Analyze and diagnose service and equipment issues within the home at no cost, including repair and replacement of any Full Channel equipment

1The Demarcation Point in most cases is defined as the point where the wiring enters into your home. 2 Limited to amplifiers installed by Full Channel. 3Limited to three (3) visits per 12-month period