Our Story: Three Generations serve Barrington, Warren & Bristol

Levi and Linda Maaia continue the tradition, started by Linda’s father John Donofrio, Jr., of connecting homes and businesses in the East Bay.

More than 50 years ago, John Donofrio, Jr. had a vision for a communications network in Rhode Island’s East Bay. He incorporated Full Channel in 1965 and began working immediately to develop the platform which would become broadband in Rhode Island.  In 1982, Full Channel opened its doors on Everett Street in Warren, delivering television services to customers throughout Barrington, Warren and Bristol.

Since 2004, his daughter Linda Jane Maaia and grandson Levi C. Maaia have continued the tradition, running the only family-owned, independent broadband provider in Rhode Island, adding internet and phone services alongside an expanded lineup of hundreds of digital TV channels and online streaming services.

Full Channel has always been an early adopter of innovative and environmentally responsible technologies for delivering vital communications and entertainment while championing government transparency and a diversity of perspectives.  In 2008, Full Channel began offering GreenLink®, a partnership with People’s Power & Light to deliver broadband services to customers via 100% local wind power.  As a result of its community commitment, Full Channel was the recipient of the 2009 CableFAX Top Ops Community Service Award.

The company continues to support the communities it serves with charitable outreach efforts focusing on programs for children and the arts.

“I’m in awe of what my father created from nothing,” Linda said. “For me, it’s amazing that he could have a vision of what the future might be, and then make that happen at a grass-roots level.”