GreenLink Renewable Energy Program

Full Channel is committed to renewable and sustainable local energy.  That’s why our local office and studio operations are powered by 100% renewable resources.  Full Channel is Rhode Island’s only local family-owned broadband provider and GreenLink is a natural extension of our community focus.

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Learn how you can convert your entire home to green power.

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By contributing $1 each month (less than 4 cents per day) you are ensuring that the energy used to power your own home or business broadband connection comes from 100% wind power.  Your contribution goes directly toward reducing carbon emissions and supporting local economic growth with new wind power projects here in New England.  Full Channel passes your entire contribution to People’s Power & Light, a Rhode Island-based 501(c)3 non-profit which works with National Grid to purchase more green power.  Your contribution will directly increase demand for wind power and decrease power usage derived from fossil fuels.

How do I know renewable electricity will be used to deliver services to my home?
Full Channel draws upon the “pool” of power that makes up the New England electric grid. While it is physically impossible to distinguish and deliver individual electrons to specific homes or businesses, by choosing GreenLink you are ensuring that more renewable wind-powered electricity is being delivered to the power grid on your behalf, thus creating a cleaner, healthier overall energy mix.