Isn’t it time you met Jamie Griffin?


Jamie Griffin – Director of Technology

My name is Jamie Griffin and I’m the Director of Technology at Full Channel. It’s my responsibility to make sure all our systems are operating correctly and efficiently 24 hours a day. I like to think of myself as “the man behind the curtain.”

I have a background in computer science and have worked in development of server applications as well as theoretical computation. I rarely accept any engineering challenge as impossible. I enjoy experimenting with problem solving using new and developing technologies.

In my spare time, I enjoy investigating new technologies and continuing software development projects. I grew up in Rhode Island and have been a lifelong New England sports fan. I try to go to as many Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics games as possible. I also collect baseball cards and memorabilia and am an amateur stock trader.

When you are home enjoying the game, a good movie or surfing the Web, you can be assured that I am working behind the scenes to make sure your TV and internet services are running smoothly. I really enjoy my work. My passion and my career have aligned well. I take pride in the services we provide and feel a very personal connection to the Full Channel system and the East Bay.