Isn’t it time you met Jay Santos?


Jay Santos - Sales & Service Representative

I have been at Full Channel for three years. Prior to this, I owned a music store in the East Bay for 16 years. Working at Full Channel, is a natural extension of my past work of servicing the public. Providing entertainment for clients has always been rewarding, and it’s nice to think that we help provide a respite in the otherwise busy lives of everyone in our service areas of Barrington, Warren and Bristol.

At Full Channel I may help you with an Internet issue. I may help to resolve your billing question. I might suggest which movie channel will be perfect for your style, or I might just let you know what time “the game” is on! I enjoy talking to our customers, and work hard to make their experience calling Full Channel an easy one.

I designed our most recent billboard with the tag line “Isn’t it time we met?” Why? Because, Full Channel is a great LOCAL company. Our employees are local. Our focus is local. While we are recognized nationally for our many innovations, our goal is and has always been to treat our customers as our friends, and here in the East Bay, often times they are!

It is such a pleasure to introduce myself to you. Please feel free to call me with any questions or comments at 247-1250! I look forward to servicing you.