Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

With Full Channel and the TV Guide iGuide on your High Definition DVR, you can move the best shows to your best times. Schedule daily and weekly recordings. Watch the game and record your favorite programs on another channel. DVR like you’ve never seen before. You control the entertainment.

i-Guide A25 is the newest version of the on-screen TV Guide available with your DVR.
This release includes enhancements that improve the user experience for DVR, Search and Parental Controls.

  • DVR Enhancements: Auto swap between dual-tuner DVRs; an on-screen prompt to extend recording for a live program; clipping in the event two schedule programs overlaop in time and both turners are in use, the DVR will automatically “clip” the beginning of the second program and note “clipped” in the DVR program list; and configurable skip forward/backward uses the “page up” and “page down” remote keys to skip forward or backward in 5 minute increments.
  • Search/A-Z Title Search: A new keyboard makes searching for shows a snap.  You can even save your searches for future use.
  • Parental Controls: Newly designed Parental Controls Set-up Menu makes it easier to use and now includes TV Content Advisory Ratings which enables ability to block programs based on the level of violence, language, sexual situations and suggestive dialogue.